Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Autumn Portraits

The fall colors in Salt Lake City are just about over. Snow is on it's way and you can smell winter in the air. I was lucky enough to photograph Brad and Amy and their awesome dog Bandit a few weeks back in a local park at the height of color. Love the rich colors and Amy's red hair only adds to all that awesome color.
They are getting married in New Orleans in December and wanted some photos of them hanging out with their sweet pup. An awesome session with a sweet couple up for anything and I was covered in dog kisses trying to shoot the pic of Bandit in the foreground and them out of focus in the back. Finally got it, but Bandit made sure lick my face thoroughly a few times first:).

Photographing pets with their owners can be a challenge but I really love it. It's a little more time consuming and you certainly get lots of photos with just a ball of blur passing through the frame, but being a dog lover surely helps. Look forward to photographing more doggies and their owners in the future. Bring on the slobber!