Tuesday, December 28, 2010

In the mood for skiing....

Taking the holidays off and spending time with family, skiing as much as possible and just enjoying beautiful mountains and snow.
Here are some flickr images for inspiration on ski photography. Check out individual links for more photos from the individual photographers.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Introducing Word Lens-Amazing new Iphone App

This is INCREDIBLE! $4.99 Iphone App....I need to purchase this immediately.
I wonder if it comes in other language translations than Eng/Spanish/Eng?


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Cards....part2

Here's the actual Tiny Prints card. I managed to get them sent out yesterday, whew!
Of course I ordered too few so now I've run out and I still have people on my list. Hopefully they won't notice our absence in the Christmas card pile this year. Oooops! You live and you learn:).
Printed by Tiny Prints
Design: Ornate Embroidery
I ordered the matte paper, and I liked the look with this card. As always, wish the paper was a little thicker but happy with end result. Highlights a little blown (which I don't mind so much with this pic) so I guess I need to correct my monitor a little for next order. The ease of ordering is great, speed of printing and shipping fantastic. All and all...RECOMMEND!!

Photojournalism Quote

"Reality offers us such wealth that we must cut some of it out on the spot, simplify.
The question is, do we always cut out what we should?
While we're working, we must be conscious of what we're doing. 
Sometimes we have the feeling that we've taken a great photo, and yet we continue to unfold.
We must avoid however, snapping away, shooting quickly and without thought, overloading ourselves with unnecessary images that clutter our memory and diminish the clarity of the whole"
-Henri Cartier-Bresson-
on photojournalism, American Photo, Sept/Oct 1997.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Cards

When you're busy photographing other families' Christmas photos, often you procrastinate your own.
Always loving a tight deadline, I realized that I needed to photograph something today if I was going to get the cards ordered, printed and sent out in time.
Picked the girls up from school and had 45 minutes before their tennis class. 
I threw some sweaters in the back of the car and some props I've had laying around for this very thing. 
Stopped by a nice wall (hello backdrop!) on the way to the tennis center and voila'.....we pulled it off. 
(ok, so I bribed my kids with a treat:).
Just ordered the most adorable cards from Tiny Prints and rushed them to be here by Friday. 
With some luck, I'll have those babies sent out by Friday night and in friends mailboxes by Saturday or Monday. YES!! (As soon as they arrive, I'll post a pic of the finished product).
Here are three pics from our crazy little session. Thank goodness my girls are good sports:).

Monday, December 13, 2010

Stockings stuffers for photographers




Skiing in a cloud....

Went skiing this weekend and had an absolute fabulous time. Saturday I ran into my buddy Ian and we got some amazing runs at Snowbird. Lots of fluffy powder!
Sunday it was family ski day at Alta, and the day was perfect. Here's a photo I shot from the lift with Emma and Grace as we passed through a cloud. Love how moody it is. It was magical!
"We're skiing in a cloud", the girls exclaimed. 

Saint Lucia in Sweden

This has nothing to do with photography, but today is Lucia in Sweden, where we celebrate light during the darkest time of the year. Special for every Swede and I thought this was a lovely way to kick of the morning and get in the Christmas spirit. Enjoy:).

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Gallery opening

Thought it appropriate to post a hipstamatic pic from the hipstamatic show which opened at Phillips Gallery in Salt Lake City last Friday. The gallery was full of people checking out the photos and it was fun to see all the different ways people had used the Hipstamatic application for their photography.
Here's my daughter Grace checking out the wall of photos on display. 
The photos are on display at the gallery until January 14, 2011, so if you have a chance, stop by.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Quote of the day

"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler"-Albert Einstein.

Cool Iphone Covers

Came across these lazerwood Iphone4 covers this morning. They're available in walnut, birch, cherry and black stained cherry, as well as some checker patterns.
It's a peel-and-stick backing, wood veneer, promising easy application and removal without damaging the phone. 
Check out this link if you like the look. They sell for $15.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Boys boys boys...

So the other day I photographed two nine-year-old boys and BOY...is it a difference from photographing girls:). I hate to feed into stereotyping genders, so perhaps it's just all about personalities, but these boys liked to MOVE.
The boys, Ben and Noah, are cousins, and every couple of years their parents like to get some photos of them together. The last one shows them sitting sweetly next to each other and they were tiny little boys. 
As I showed up at the house, the day after Thanksgiving, the boys were playing downstairs and I could tell they were about as excited to pose sweetly for photographs as a rootcanal.

My approach was to join them in play instead and make the photosession into a big game. 
So, we proceeded to jump, to crawl, make faces, photograph wrestling, legos, etc. And in between, for a few microseconds at a time (after all....all you need for a photograph is a moment), I managed to capture them together without hairpulling or punches. Whew:)!

 We all emerged on the other side and I actually think all three of us had a great time. They were able to steer the session without being bulldozed and I was able to get some nice pics without stiffness or frustration. Win-win I hope:).