Monday, November 15, 2010

Phillips Gallery-Hipstamatic wall

  Phillips Gallery is having a community exhitbit of about 75 Hipstamatic images displayed on one wall in their gallery during their holiday group show, opening December 3 and running until December 24th. 
Each artist was invited to enter up to three Hipstamatic images for the display and a jury selected the final images.
I will have three images in the display so come check out the gallery when the show is up in December. 
All the hipstamatic images will be printed, matted and up for sale at the gallery for $80 each.


Pam's groups said...

Way to go Johanna! That's awesome. We'll have to make it a girlie trip to get dinner, have a few drinks, and see all the prints!

Bolinderbloggan said...

Kul att vi kommer att få se detta! Det ser vi verkligen fram emot! kram mamma

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