Saturday, November 3, 2012

Happy Halloween!

My kids love Halloween. They start discussing what to dress up as pretty much the day after Halloween and spend the whole year going through all their options. This year, something spooky was on the agenda. Emma considered her choices for months. A vampire? Nah! A werewolf? Too hard to paint and lame to wear a mask.
After all that thought, she finally settled on the same as last year: a zombie. :)
Same clothes, crazy hair and the ability to do her own make up. Totally up Emma's alley...she was in!

Grace still has one foot left in the years of when Halloween was a chance to dress up as less scary options such as cowgirls, princesses and such. She wanted scary AND fun and after much consideration found a good compromise in being a zombie cheerleader. 
One borrowed cheer outfit later we were ready to go. 
This is where I come in. Being a Swede with little experience of proper Halloween decorations, my kids always look a little disappointed when I put up a spider web and a spider on the porch and call it good. They'd much prefer me to go all out with skeletons and black lights, fog and dry ice. 
BUT...I do enjoy a proper face paint and Grace still lets me help with make up and hair and we had a blast getting her ready. 

Neighbor Olivia showed up before dusk dressed in a homemade mummy outfit that was simply fantastic. I was able to get the three of them to stand still for 30 seconds before erupting in complete pre trick-or-treat mayhem. Without any direction from me, they got into character and played undead for the few frames I was able to capture. 

Hope everyone else had a spooky Halloween as well!


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