Thursday, September 23, 2010

Photo Tip of the Day-Try a different angle

Often we get stuck in a pattern of photographing things they way we usually see them. Looking down at kids (well they ARE short:), up at trees and buildings, down at flowers, etc.
One way to add interest to your photographs is to try to capture things/people/landscapes from a perspective you don't see everyday. For example, a hot-air balloon from above, a sailboat from on the top of its mast, someone from above...walking across a mosaic floor.
See if you can get out of the habit of just putting the camera to your eye and shooting everything at your own eye level. Get up on a chair, crawl on the floor, shoot up at something we normally look down to see. It's amazing how eye catching it is to see everyday things from a new perspective. Try it!


Wendles said...

Can you get me a hot air balloon ride. I remember when you did that and all those photos you captured were so cool and peaceful and happy. I have always thought that would be so nice. The many adventures I
of jojo. One of my favorites is you in the open air plane and your expression. Taking shots of people from slightly above eye level or more is so much mire flattering whether you're close up or even from further back. From below esp for woman, not always a favorite. When someone is taking a pic that I'm in i am always saying put your camera higher pleeeaasseee. Help a sister out. Ha ha. #1 fan.

ShutterbugMama said...

Ha, well yes, avoid shooting up people's noses unless you're doing a feature on....noses:). But I love getting really low while photographing kids for example..rather than looking down at their heads and them looking up. If you're going for glam portrait..a higher view is often flattering but working any scene and trying out less obvious angles is good...for your own creativity if nothing else. I've found some low angles really nice at weddings and pregnancy portraits, with maybe flowers or belly in focus and faces above out of focus.
ps...speaking of unflattering angles. The self portrait of me in the plane is not doing me any favors beauty wise but I love it. Sometimes humor trumps glamour:).

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