Friday, April 15, 2011

Maternity shots...photographing pregnancy

Pregnancy, though it can feel like it last forever, only lasts a few months but often the only shots we have of it are unflattering poses in profile against an even less flattering wall.
Not a great way to commemorate this amazing experience or way to show your child/children when they want to see what they looked like in "mama's belly".
I mean really, what's with the science experiment photos, with a steady growth pattern against a backdrop? It may be good for bragging rights (Really....I was thiiiiiis big) or used as future ammunition such as "this is why I have to wear a mommikini to the beach", but other than won't be hanging them on your wall anytime soon right?
So before you take pregnancy photos, here are some things to think about.
What is beautiful about pregnancy for you? Why is it important to you to capture it? How does it make you? What do you want to remember?
For me, I didn't find myself pretty at the time, but in hindsight, I love looking at the roundness of my belly, the glow I failed to see I had. The wonder of the body, stretching, curving, expanding to make room for this little person (and in my case, two persons).
Today, my little girls love looking at photos and videos of me pregnant. They are fascinated with the idea that they were in my belly and love to hear stories of how they moved and kicked and "tickled" each other in there. I love that I have photos I'm proud to show them that capture how much I loved having them in there:). Here's a photograph I shot of myself in the studio with a tripod and self-timer 8 years ago almost to the day.

and a few other ones I like of friends and clients


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