Saturday, April 9, 2011

Photo wall

Here's the new photo wall in our livingroom. Hipstamatic prints framed in a group of nine. 
Looks really cool. Very sleek and inexpensive (well, since I don't pay myself for my own prints, ha ha) and I have the ability to change out the images when I grow tired of them. A "look, I made this" moment.
Gotta love that!


Nanette Gordon-Cramton said...

Love this! Looks great! Did you print these yourself or did you send out for printing? Thanks!

ShutterbugMama said...

I had it printed at the local lab that I use and then framed them in IKEA frames. (just made sure I knew the mat openings before I ordered the prints:). Super cheap and easy way to display your iphone images in a cool way I think.

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