Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Boys boys boys...

So the other day I photographed two nine-year-old boys and it a difference from photographing girls:). I hate to feed into stereotyping genders, so perhaps it's just all about personalities, but these boys liked to MOVE.
The boys, Ben and Noah, are cousins, and every couple of years their parents like to get some photos of them together. The last one shows them sitting sweetly next to each other and they were tiny little boys. 
As I showed up at the house, the day after Thanksgiving, the boys were playing downstairs and I could tell they were about as excited to pose sweetly for photographs as a rootcanal.

My approach was to join them in play instead and make the photosession into a big game. 
So, we proceeded to jump, to crawl, make faces, photograph wrestling, legos, etc. And in between, for a few microseconds at a time (after all....all you need for a photograph is a moment), I managed to capture them together without hairpulling or punches. Whew:)!

 We all emerged on the other side and I actually think all three of us had a great time. They were able to steer the session without being bulldozed and I was able to get some nice pics without stiffness or frustration. Win-win I hope:).


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