Friday, March 11, 2011

Who inspires me today?

A while back, I stumbled across Charlie Colmer's street images on flickr.
Looking through his work, I'm absolutely awestruck with his talent to capture candid moments together with having a fantastic eye for interesting composition.
There is so much humor and tenderness in his photos.
Having tried some street photography myself, I know it isn't easy to capture candid moments of strangers. In the instant people realize they're being observed....that moment is changed forever.
Colmer has an almost uncanny ability to share his window of the world in a way where you feel like you've walked the streets with him and seen with his eyes.
His images inspire me and I wanted to share some of his stuff here.

I hope Charlie doesn't mind.

Please see the above images on his flickr stream.
Right now he's working on a book "The Street" that will be available this spring.
Please support him by buying it when it's released. Charlie's website


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