Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I love all things "Americana". Stuff I grew up seeing in movies and never thought existed until I moved to the states are realized they're actually real. Like cheerleaders, small ma-and-pa joints with barstools and ladies pouring coffee calling you "honey", cowboys, trucks....it's all fantastically American and I try to photograph it when I see it. This is a small hamburger/milkshake "joint" in Moab where I took the kids for shakes and fries last weekend. 
Only wish I had a wider lens so I could have really captured "the whole" of this tiny little place.


Taylor said...

all of that is *HOME* to me! and i love it! glad you were able to enjoy it too! :) Neat pic!

ShutterbugMama said...

Taylor, that's great! I love being places that are so different from where I grew up.

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