Friday, October 1, 2010

Photo tip of the day: "Framing"- the illusion of depth

One of the downsides to a photograph is that it is two dimensional.
"Framing" is a technique used in order to add dimension to your photo and create the illusion of depth to your image.
By placing something in front of your subject, it visually translates to the viewer that there are several layers to the image, that something is close and something else is farther away; giving the image depth and a sense of three dimensionality.
Frames can be anything from a window, a bridge, a tunnel, trees, a door...something that draws the eye to the subject and "frames" it visually to communicate depth in the image.


Wendles said...

I'm stoked on all your tips. All the photos are great and perfectly illustrate the idea. Very helpful. Thanks. #1 fan.

ShutterbugMama said...

Great, so happy you like the tips! If you can think of anything you'd like me to bring up...I'd love your ideas!:). Thanks for continuing to read and to comment!

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