Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Photograph what you know

Many of us have ambitions to photograph great pictures. 
And often as we wait for that "perfect" moment to photograph, we put the camera on the shelf
and forget all the photography-worthy things around us everyday. 
Photograph what you know.
By photographing your everyday life, you can practice your skills and if nothing else,
be prepared technically and creatively when that perfect project presents itself.
We see what others photograph and it's natural to want incorporate what we admire, to get better, evolve. But don't be a carbon copy. Just because you can't go out with the perfect model, at the perfect moment, with three assistants and more lighting props than you could ever dream of doesn't mean you have to put your camera down. Rather than focusing on the things that aren't available for you to photograph, narrow in on the stuff that IS available to you. Apply new techniques to your photos, your life, the subjects, objects, places that are unique to your life and your style.
The flowers on your table, your favorite team's game, people you know, your kids...sleeping:). 


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