Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pay it forward

I've been asked why I do this blog. After takes time to think of things to write about and I don't get paid doing it. Well, there is something to be said about paying it forward. To have knowledge about something and to pass it on, to share it, openly and freely.
So many people hold on to their knowledge tightly and are afraid that sharing it will somehow lessen their value, their individuality, that something that gives them an edge.
Living in the age of where everything, it seems, is copyrighted, trademarked and protected, it's almost tabu to share something for free. I guess this is my way of rebelling. Because I believe, really believe, that sharing information, sharing ideas, not only helps you, but it helps me, helps all of us be more than we could have been alone.
In the vacuum of ourselves, it's difficult to grow, to see differently, to evolve. For me, creativity is a conversation, and who wants to converse alone?
With this blog, when I think of things I want to share, I get passionate, which in turn makes me want to photograph, and photography in the end, is all about communicating with someone, you, hoping my image will make you feel something. Similarly, my hope is that the words, my tips, my small tidbits of knowledge will inspire you, to see, to photograph, to communicate back. Share your images, your knowledge, with me or with others, invite knowledge by sharing it, pay it forward.


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